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100 Days | 100 Paintings No.1

Monday morning, 27 October 2014.

The prologue…

This little painting was inspired by the book I have just finished writing. My new project will be promoting it and so hopefully find a literary agent who will help me find a publisher. I have decided to make one painting a day inspired by a scene in the book, working on each one chronologically so that the viewer will get an idea of how the story unfolds without giving too much away. The novel is written for the top age range of young adult as well as being a transitional book between YA and adult.

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© Anita Salemink 2014. 100 Days: 100 paintings, No.1 Watercolour 12.5 by 12.5 cm

© Anita Salemink 2014. 100 Days: 100 paintings, No.1 Watercolour 12.5 by 12.5 cm

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The Skeleton: Bones of Life and Love

In 2006 a photograph printed in the Dutch national newspaper, the NRC, caught my attention. It was a black and white photograph of a 62-yearold blind woman who had just given birth to her 12th baby. In the image we see a content mother patting her newborn affectionately on its back. The baby can be clearly perceived as happy and satisfied as much so as any other baby, whom its mother has just fed. It rests its little cheek on its mother’s shoulder, opening one eye as it looks into the wide world. In the little scrap of information accompanying the photo, it said that the baby’s name was Adam; that he was the woman’s second child by her third husband who was 48 years of age; and that the baby was conceived through IVF. The woman had 20 grand children, and 3 great grand children.

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