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The Swan

Drawing of a swan…

Artwork The Swan © Anita Salemink 2018

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And now the left wing…

Still working on the left wing, but coming along quite nicely…

Artwork The Swan © Anita Salemink 2018

More information will follow soon, in the meantime read all about this project on this post

My Absolute Darling, a review


© Anita Salemink 2015. I Was a Dreamer 100 x 70 cm (Work in progress)

My Absolute Darling written by Gabriel Tallent is a debut novel with a lot of buzz surrounding its launch. Stephen King describes it as a ‘Masterpiece’, and other terms have been used from outstanding to exceptional and unflinching storytelling. Although I was pleasantly surprised by the vibrancy of the prose, it did not entice me completely.

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