About me


As a child I moved to Ireland; it was 1970 and the North was at war, even though we in the Republic noticed little of what was going on. I went to Irish country schools, and was immersed in the Irish way of living; this resulted in a lifelong love affair with Irish culture, folklore, history and literature. I now work as an artist and arts teacher in the Netherlands, and specialize in drawings inspired by the human form and anatomy. Over the years I’ve completed various writing courses in Dutch, but also in English, the latest tutored by Michelle Roberts and Jane Rogers at the Arvon Foundation in the UK. You could describe me as a Dutch person with an Irish heart, and my writing as having an Irish soul.

Last July I tripped and broke my shoulder, and therefore was physically unable to make large drawings anymore. Since then I have been making really tiny paintings and drawings. And in November I started the project 100 Days | 100 paintings which were inspired by the first 18 chapters of the book I’ve written about my teenage years in Ireland.

Since then my shoulder has healed, but because I enjoyed making those little paintings so much, I’ve started another project also inspired by my writing titled Childhood Memories.

I’ve written two books, and am doing research on the third. I hope to get them published, but in the meantime I will post my new work on this blog.

For any enquiries or if you would like to purchase any of the artworks just email me and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

Thank you for reading…

Anita Salemink


6 thoughts on “About me

  1. John Amaro


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    Thank you.



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