About me

© Anita Salemink 2015. I Was a Dreamer 100 x 70 cm (Work in progress)

I am a dreamer. My head always seems to be somewhere else, my thoughts triggered by tiny visionary details, whiffs of perfume or fragments of conversations that seamlessly flow into stories. Sometimes I put them to paper, sometimes I keep them to myself. I love walking in forests, through fields and discovering ancient buildings. I love the smell of hay filled barns, the nutty smell of moss on forest floors and tarmac when it rains after a dry spell. When I go to a pub I am most likely to order a cup of Earl Grey tea, there’s something about its aroma.

I grew up in Ireland, but am now based in Holland.

Some useful links:

For my art please visit saatchiart.com or my website.

Flash fiction game

Shooter Literary Magazine or see this post

Silver Apples Magazine or this post



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