Back to the drawing board…

Artwork for my first novel The Ghost Swan © Anita Salemink 2018

Back to the drawing board, but literally this time. I’ve just completed my novel The Ghost Swan and am planning on self-publishing it in a very small print run. This means I will be making the cover art myself, and also doing the final edits. This doesn’t mean I will be abandoning my wish to be published the traditional way. I WILL still be querying literary agents, but I need to finish this project, and why not finish it as a piece of art? I will be publishing 50 books, each with original art-work created directly on the title page. I am thinking something much more elaborate than the traditional doodles you often see on title pages but will be something really special. The book will also be signed, dated and numbered like any other piece of art that has been created in a series.

If you would like to find out more about the story, or availability of the book please keep an eye on this blog as I shall write about the whole process as I go, but if you can’t wait and want to know more now, just send me an email directly.

Hope to hear from many readers of novels/enjoyers of art as I would like to fund a larger print run with the money raised in this one. (The second print run will not include artwork on the title page.)

Like the sound of my project and want to pre-order the book? Send me an email directly and I will add you to my list. Once it is finished and ready to be sent out, I will forward a PayPal invoice.

Artwork for the cover of my first novel The Ghost Swan © Anita Salemink 2018

Any comments left below will be answered directly!

And now back to the drawing board, still feet and a wing to finish…


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