The Swan Illustration

So now the bird has feet… and that’s the illustration finished. One thing I can check off the list of things to do before publication.

Artwork The Ghost Swan © Anita Salemink 2018

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And now the left wing…

Still working on the left wing, but coming along quite nicely…

Artwork The Ghost Swan © Anita Salemink 2018

More information will follow soon, in the meantime read all about this project on this post

Back to the drawing board…

Artwork for my first novel The Ghost Swan © Anita Salemink 2018

Back to the drawing board, but literally this time. I’ve just completed my novel The Ghost Swan and am planning on self-publishing it in a very small print run. This means I will be making the cover art myself, and also doing the final edits. This doesn’t mean I will be abandoning my wish to be published the traditional way. I WILL still be querying literary agents, but I need to finish this project, and why not finish it as a piece of art? I will be publishing 50 books, each with Continue reading

My Absolute Darling, a review


© Anita Salemink 2015. I Was a Dreamer 100 x 70 cm (Work in progress)

My Absolute Darling written by Gabriel Tallent is a debut novel with a lot of buzz surrounding its launch. Stephen King describes it as a ‘Masterpiece’, and other terms have been used from outstanding to exceptional and unflinching storytelling. Although I was pleasantly surprised by the vibrancy of the prose, it did not entice me completely.

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